Who we are

Who we are

Vincenzo Madaro

From 2004 to 2017, he has been creator and manager of the restaurant-wine bar Falsopepe, which has been honoured with Chiocciola Slow Food many times.

Sommelier from the Italian association of sommelier, always searching for new projects and adventures, he has taken the reins of the Trovanza farming company, of its olive trees and citrus grove, grown in a biological environment. He is also working with many no profit institutions across the territory and he is the artistic Director of Vicoli Corti Festival.

Anna Maria Di Gregorio

Traditional cooking and modern technique, Anna is the queen of the fresh pasta, of the bread making procedure, and the flours. Chef from the Slow food alliance, she organizes also workshops and cooking classes.Follow her advices and you will be an expert chef!

Giuseppe Dattisi

Biological is the password.

Since more than twenty five years, he is taking care of the farming part of Casina Trovanza.His relationship with the ground and the genuine products is unbreakable.